Thursday, 29 December 2011


The major source of India’s income is from the field of agriculture. People here believe that
”Land is Lord”. To get the final product in their fields, they will have to work for days and nights. The main thing is faith in their work. The below points describe how they face life to obtain fruitful results……

Dry land: Farmer starts his work with the touch of dry, life less land. Once he decides to give life to this extreme dry land, he does not care about the hot days or dark nights.
He cultivates the dry land every year to satisfy the needs of his family and contribute to the Nation…

Thirsty: A jug of water takes his thirst away and gives energy to work in the hot sun. This proves his high dedication and hard work to seek success through his profession.

Still more manual work: Even in this modern technology world, plowing with the help of cow is the primitive way to begin as most of our farmers are under the poverty line and are not educated with the modern instruments and machineries.
One of the main mottos of farmer is “Work is worship”, and hence does not mind working even with his bare foot.
Awaiting rain: It’s time to receive the shower from the rain god to give life for the new saplings.
Look at the eagerness in his eyes!!!
All his efforts will be worthfull only if adequate amount of rainfall is received at the right time. Honesty, Hope, Dedication and Belief in himself and God are the means of expecting success.

Rainfall: Earth provides a warm welcome to the rain which helped in nourishing the saplings.
The excess of water collected in the fields are drained out by providing channels.
If it rains during nights, he will have to take precautionary measures to protect the crop like his own child.

Yield: Yup!! Here is the final outcome of his entire struggle; he did not even consider the piercing sunny days or fierce cold nights in the cultivation process.
After the yield has been harvested, he sells them to the mediator but not guaranteed with the correct price value for his crop. 

Nowadays, the government is taking several steps to educate the farmers regarding modern agricultural technologies and also help them to obtain the correct profit for their yield.
His priceless work pays him with endless happiness... J J 

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